WONNEmusik, 44/HOUSE Records, RHYTYM & berl_IN_side Records are independent electronic dance music labels which seeks to expand and promote special works worldwide. With new innovative concepts, technology and multimedia, we are focusing on releasing high quality music and building up newcomers alongside with international guest artists.


We are not a kind of any booking agency, we are a growing family! With over a decade of experience focused on DJ management we are representing, developing, positioning and elevating DJs, live performers and singer & songwriters into the music industry and we are managing and creating international booking opportunities.


We provide full service management to innovative artists so they have time to focus on what they do best, music. Our focus is to help artists to develop theirselves and show up their real talent the best way possible. So we handle all the matters of an artist like booking, public relations, social media and many more.


Next to our labels we`ll also launch our own event series in form of label nights. Many people can come together in a peaceful and private atmosphere to laugh and to enjoy an unforgettable night and to collectively dance to the melodic sounds of our artists. We also give the artists a platform and in addition to book artists we like.


BLCKNDWHT is a full service independent music company committed to the development of our Labels WONNEmusik, 44/House Records, RHYTYM & berl_IN_side Records and the development of all aspects of artist´s career. 

The team of BLCKNDWHT group with over a decade of experience in the music industry is based in the south of Berlin and consists as a team of creative managers with the unique ability to offer the wide range of full services of label management, artist management & booking, music & media management and in near future also event management. Services also include public relations and social media for our innovative artists so they have time to focus on what they do best, music…

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"Disco is music for dancing, and people will always want to dance."

Giorgio Moroder

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"Success in the music industry isn’t something that you wait for or hope for.
It is something that you create, day after day."

Simon S. Tam

"Remember the Bob Dylan rule: It’s not just a record, it’s a movement."

Seth Godin

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"Keep working hard and you can get anything that you want."


Our Team

Gregor Siewert

Gregor Siewert

CEO & Founder

Gregor is coordinating the signing of contracts, communication with artists and if you want to book BLCKNDWHT artists or Label Showcases, please contact him too.

Nadine Hass

Nadine Hass

Co-Founder, Bookings

If you want to book BLCKNDWHT artists or Label Showcases, please contact Nadine. Nadine is also co-founder of BLCKNDWHT.

Swen Baez-Dölle

Swen Baez-Dölle

Graphic Designer

Our designer, painter, developer, imagemaker. Everything you see was made by him. Need a Design? Contact him!

Thomas Wedel

Thomas Wedel

Mastering, Publishing

Tom guides our musical ideology, masters our tracks and also does the publishing of our releases.

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day."

Jim Rohn

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